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➡ ️ Kien Giang Province to the year 2020 Kien Giang Province will have works in the exhibition center of artistic and cultural heritage conservation Center for cultural arts exhibition and conservation of cultural heritage of Kien Giang Province built in An Hoa culture, Rach, will be an important cultural highlight of the province, attracting domestic and foreign visitors to the Kien Giang Province.

Recently the President of the people’s Committee (PPC) Kien Giang Province, Pham vu Hong signed the decision approving investment projects, construction of the cultural exhibition center, art and cultural heritage conservation Kien Giang Province. The work is located at the cultural Park, An Hoa Rach with land use 1.739 ha.

The scale of construction works, including: the main block, gate, fence, home protection, background, fire extinguishing, items and equipment. The main block has a total construction area of 8,000 m2 with 5 floors; 2,800 m2 ground floor, there are 3 districts, administrative areas (research, collections, presentation rooms;; stairs, elevator and toilet), exhibited artifacts (welcome lounge, the range exhibited artifacts), the small landscape landscape province of Kien Giang. 2nd floor, floor 1, an area of 1,700 square meters, the administrative area are: preservation, storage, warehouse, inventory, General wood, ceramic treasures..; showroom exhibits, hallways, stairs. Floor 3, an area of 1700 m2 with 2 divisions (a metal warehouse, the warehouse, the Hall + films, hallways, stairs and elevator); showroom exhibits, hallways, stairs. 4th floor 1400m2 area, including art galleries, outdoor (on the terrace) and administrative (Executive Director, the Deputy Director, administrative rooms, meeting rooms …). Floor 5, an area of 400 m 2 including the restoration workshop, warehouse and appliance products.

Works in the exhibition center of art culture and cultural heritage preservation Kien Giang Province have a total investment of nearly 130 billion, of which the central budget support in the program development phase 2016-2020 culture is 80 billion and source the 50 billion budget. The time taken from the years 2017-2020, in 2017, the investment preparation stage 2018-2020 made the investment.

The construction of cultural arts center and the conservation of cultural heritage in Kien Giang Province contributes to the completion of the basic cultural provincial regime under national criteria. Promote the important role of culture in socio-economic development of the province of Kien Giang, the successful implementation of resolution XII of the party; conservation, preserving the precious cultural heritage and promote traditional cultural values, to serve more and better spiritual cultural life of people in the province. At the same time, the work is also the cultural center of emphasis of Kien Giang Province, attracted numerous domestic and foreign visitors to the Kien Giang Province./.

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